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It was four days since the first time Jiao had experienced her transformation, but at the moment she was busy trying to deal with her regular problems, mainly homework and class work.

At the moment she was currently struggling to complete a project for her art class. She was not the most artistic person in her family and was struggling to grasp the essentials of the art project. In fact if it were not for her friend Marie, Jiao would have failed her art class by now.

The door to their dorm room nearly flew off its hinges as Marie Beauchene, Jiao's roommate, burst into the room. Marie was a slender, 5'8 girl with a willowy build and nearly no curves to speak of, but she had a naturally pretty face and seemed to make any kind of clothing work on her.

"What's up, babe?" Marie said, bounding over to Jiao. "Still working on that? Here, let me give you some help in Photoshop. I swear, that teacher has it out for you."

"Oh hey Marie, how did you know i was struggling with my art project?" Jiao asked her friend after recovering from the near scare.

“You get that look in your eyes, that's how. The instructor is such a jerk to you."

Marie dramatically flung her beret up to her top bunk. Jiao had been the first one into their dorm room on move-in day and got the bottom bunk, and frankly, Marie didn't mind. She was the taller one regardless and it was a lot easier for her than for her tiny roommate.

"I know there's potential in you, babe. So much of it too! It's like...someday it's all just going to burst out of you, in this huge reaction of awesomeness. All that pent-up awesome, just bursting from you, Jiao!"

Jiao blushed at maries enthusiasm, but Jiao also giggled at the fact that Marie was right in more ways than one.

"Hehe, i admire your enthusiasm Marie, but i wonder why the instructor has it out for me? is it the fact that i have a mixed heritage? or is it because he got thrown out of another Chinese restaurant?"

Marie smiled and plunked down on the beanbag chair, stretching out her long legs. "Mr. Gonzalez?" she asked. "Nah, he's not a racist, and he gets thrown out of a lot of restaurants because he's a cranky old man who upsets the other patrons. You should have heard him talking about that Chinese restaurant after you'd think he kicked that biker jerk out himself, when I bet he was hiding under a table or had ran out the door."

"What Chinese restaurant was Mr. Gonzalez talking about?" Jiao had heard the word 'biker' and she knew what Marie’s answer would be.

"The Something Dragon," Marie said. I don't know - he didn't give a good description of the guy that was causing trouble, only that he looked like a biker or something."

She looked over Jiao's shoulder at her project. "Here, use this setting if you're trying to go for a more natural look. It will make the colors a lot warmer. I think it'll fit your personality better. You know, just like Mr. Gonzalez says - bringing the inside to the outside."

Jiao followed Marie’s instructions and made the changes to her art project. "Bring the inside to the outside..." she said to herself, the phrase having a symbolic double meaning.

Marie idly tossed a pen into the air and practiced catching it. "Ugh, can you believe we have gym later on? I hate these stupid freshmen programs. I'm gonna be out of any physical class as soon as they let me."

She regarded Jiao as her roommate worked on her project. Jiao was starting to become nervous; She had forgotten about gym class. Her attendance at gym class had always been a trial for Jiao: she had never had a fun time during gym class and she normally humiliated herself during exercise and the schools popular crew were always ready to humiliate her.

Marie was always a good friend during these situations, she usually covered for Jiao during the times she trips or falls over exhausted.

Jiao hated the feeling of weakness that she felt during those embarrassing moments of gym class. she wanted to show the jocks and the popular bimbos that she was tougher then she looked.

"I can see it on your face," Marie said. "You hate it even more than me. Don't feel bad though - I have like zero upper body strength. Remember when Coach made everyone do pull ups? The boys loved it but even the cool girls sucked at it."

She sat up and put a hand on Jiao's shoulder; it was small and bony under her fingers. She gave her friend a reassuring squeeze. "Hey, it'll be okay. I'll run with you if he makes us do cross country."

"Thanks Marie, you know how to cheer me up..." Jiao smiled and finishes adding the changes to her art project as it was about time to head to gym class.

Marie looked down and checked her watch. "Holy shit, Jiao, it's almost time to go to gym. What do you think Coach will have us do today?"

She stuffed her gym clothes in her bag and slung it over her shoulder, waiting for Jiao to finish up. "I'll help you some more with that later on, Jiao. Don't sweat it too much."

Jiao grabbed her gym clothes and put it in her bag.

"Probably something that is way out of my range or abilities." Jiao joked half-heartedly.

Marie and Jiao walked to the gymnasium, looking at all their fellow new students. A few glanced at them, either looking at Marie's tall, slender beauty, or perhaps the tiny Jiao quickstepping alongside her.

Marie made sure not to take her typical long strides; she didn't want to leave Jiao in her dust. "Hey," she whispered covertly to Jiao, "check out the approaching beefcake." A few well-muscled, attractive football players strolled past, looking like they owned the place. They were fresh from midday practice and their shirts clung to them with sweat. "Woof," Marie muttered, grinning at Jiao.

"They look way out of my range..." Jiao said while blushing. She did not want to admit to Marie that none of the football players interested her. She was more interested in Thomas, the tall science major who she had a secret crush on.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, babe," Marie told Jiao, noting with a measure of annoyance that none of them batted an eye their way. "You're really smart and really nice and really pretty. You have the world's best smile."

Jiao smiled. "Thanks Marie, you are a good friend." Marie always knew how to cheer Jiao up for some reason.

Marie pursed her lips and soldiered on, giving Jiao a smile. "Thanks Ji," she said, pronouncing her nickname jee . "We gotta look out for each other."

Jiao giggled. "I like that nickname a lot Marie! you are right, we need to stick together.

Jiao had never had a nickname previously before she met Marie. Although she had found the nickname annoying at first, Jiao soon came to love the nickname Marie gave to her. Jiao wondered if Marie would be shocked if she knew about Jiao's secret.

But she was more concerned about what fresh humiliation that her Gym teacher had planned for the class today. This concern became more acute when the gym teacher called the class to order.

Marie kept her eyes riveted forward on her locker as they all changed. Her reserved demeanor in gym class had given a few of the other girls the impression that she was an ice queen, someone who acted cold to everyone around her.

Finally the changing was over and the class hung out as Coach laid out the plans for today's workout. It would be cardio followed by weights.

Jiao hated the gym uniform that the class had to wear; especially since the one she received was large for her size.

When Jiao heard that the class would be doing cardio and weights, she gulped nervously. What if she was forced to transform? What if her secret was revealed to the entire class, if not the entire school?  She made sure to partner up with Marie.

"All right, first up is a timed two mile run. FIRST GROUP!" Coach bellowed. He loosed the slow runners first, which made it hell for them since they all ran on a track, and the faster groups started later and would keep lapping them over and over.

Marie, with her long legs, could lope along seemingly forever, but she was never all that fast. Nevertheless, she often checked her speed so that Jiao could keep up.

They all assembled at the starting line and Coach blew his whistle. They all took off.

Jiao began by running at a comfortable speed for her but she was forced to keep running faster and faster. Soon enough she was panting like a dog and gasping at the exertion. She tried to keep up appearances for Marie despite the physical stress Jiao was going through at the moment in trying to run the course.

The cross-country girls were soon lapping them without issue, and some of the fitter track boys were setting a fantastic pace around the track. Marie and Jiao weren't the slowest - there were two or three overweight kids that settled into a heaving jog/walk - but they were close.

Two miles went by agonizingly slowly. Marie started breathing hard, but she encouraged Jiao as they ran. "C'mon, you got this," she panted. "Look, we're halfway through," then, "just two more laps," then "just one more - finish strong, Jee!"

Jiao was starting to gasp for breath and slow down, but thanks to marie's encouragement, she found enough energy to keep her going. However, as they approached the last lap, a sharp pain in Jiaos stomach forced her to increase her pace. She managed to cross the finish line but after doing so she lost control and tripped to the ground.

She clasped her stomach in pain. "Please not now...Not now..."

Marie looked down at Jiao clutching her stomach in pain. "Oh god, I pushed her too hard," Marie said. "She's going to throw up." She bent down to help Jiao to her feet, shooing away one of the beefy guys who wanted to carry her.

"No Chris, I got this - I need to get her to the locker room before she pukes."

A few hangers'-on followed Marie and Jiao as Marie slung Jiao's arm over her shoulder and helped her limp to the locker room. "It'll be okay, Jee," Marie said. "I'm so sorry for pushing you too hard...let's just get you to the toilets....just hold on a little longer..."

Jiao could feel the pain spread throughout her body, signaling the beginning of her changes. She did not want to change in public, so she believed that the lesser of two evils was revealing her secret to Marie. Better then have her secret exposed before the entire student body.

"Please...Hurry." Jiao begged her friend

"Ji, you're must be really dehydrated," Marie said. As graceful as Marie was, with her long, slender body and her model's face, she didn't have a lot of physical strength, and struggled to move even the tiny Jiao to the locker room. One of the boys helpfully held the door open as she got Jiao through the doors, although so many people were looking...


"Bless your heart, Coach," Marie mumbled, as the students all dispersed. "Okay, almost there."

She managed to get Jiao into the bathroom, moving them both inside the big handicapped stall at the end. She had her arm around her friend, feeling her tiny body shiver with pain. "It's okay, babe, I'm here for you. Let it out, if you need to."

As Jiao internally thanked Marie for bringing her into the bathroom, Jiao's body began to tense up wit pain as the transformation began to take effect.

The bones of her body began to crack and experience the effects of growth. Small veins appeared on her arms and legs as her muscles began to develop into visible mounds. Her gym clothes, originally loose fitting, began to tighten on her body as she began to grow. Ss she placed her hands to feel the development of her chest, Jiao barely could manage to gasp out a message for Marie.

"Please... Stay... With... Me...OH..!~"

Marie had begun guiding Jiao towards the toilet so she could throw up, but she wasn't sure what was happening.

"Ji...are you sick? You seem...oh my god, what's happening to you?"

With her arm around her friend, she could feel shivers and tremors wracking Jiao's tiny body. She held Jiao close to her to help keep her upright, but there was something very bizarre going on.

Jiao felt...heavier, somehow, against Marie, and the tiny muscles of her body were standing out all over her. Her friend's veins were popping out all over and...and Marie even felt Jiao's hands come up to hold her chest. Slowly the backs of Jiao's hands seemed to be pushing into her more, almost like something behind them was growing larger.

Jiao's breath became more ragged as the changes began to afflict her in more visible ways. Her muscles began to grow and become more defined on her formally petite body. The pain affecting her body also began to change in effect; it was becoming a warm and pleasant sensation that signaled the onset of the next stage of transformation.

Jiao's chest began to expand further outwards, pushing the limits of her A-cup bra and straining the straps that buried into her growing back and shoulders. Her breasts had reached the size of baseballs and continued to push further outwards as her hands cupped them and felt how sensitive they were becoming. She moaned slightly and leaned her head on Marie’s shoulder.

This was significant due to the amount of growth Jiao had experienced: the formally 4 foot 9 inch tall girl had grown several inches to become 5 feet tall and the growth was still going on. Her gym clothes began to tighten all over her body from the increasing mass of Jiao's muscles and female curves. She had also began to mature in other ways as the 19 year old had aged to become 20 years old.

As Jiao’s voice deepened with age, she continued to gasp out her pleas to her friend. "Marie...Marie... Stay... with... me...Don't run... Please..."

Marie was in awe of what was happening within her arms. "''re changing!" was all Marie could say, but she held her friend tightly to her.

"Don't worry," she told Jiao. "I won't leave you." As if she would! Marie was glad Jiao was so preoccupied, because she was blushing like hell. Marie could feel muscle developing all over Jiao's back, her body becoming more curvaceous.

"It'll be okay, babe, whatever you're going through. I'm here for you. I always will be."

Jiao moaned as the next set of changes began to take effect, her alternate personality slowly beginning to emerge. "mmmhh...."

Jiao's body continued to undergo its metamorphosis, her muscles becoming more developed and visible across her body. For a lack of better terms, she was getting pumped! Her body looked like it belonged on a female athlete, with toned leg and arm muscles, and the beginnings of her stomach muscles. With a free arm, Jiao gave Marie a gentle hug as she moaned again.

Her bra straps had snapped, but Jiao never noticed due to being enraptured in the process of transforming. Free from their restraints, her breasts continued to swell out and develop further. They were past B-cup size and were approaching the C-cup range. As this was going on up top, her waist curved inward and her rear flared out slightly, giving Jiao a slight hourglass figure.

Slowly but surely, Jiao added inch upon inch on to her height, she had grown to five foot four and was not slowing down. Jiao's gym clothes were tightening their hold on her body, revealing the depth of her growth.

As she continued changing, she matured further, becoming 22 years old. her voice deepened with each breath, as well as becoming more mature and sensual in tone.

"mmmhh~ how is the View Marie?" Jiao asked teasingly, her alternate personality making its presence known.

Marie was blushing hard. "Don't look," she muttered to herself. Don't look don't look don't look...

But looking was only part of the problem. Her friend's clothes were plastered to her, and to make matters worse, Jiao slid her arm around Marie's slender body, pressing them together in a hug. Marie felt Jiao's growing chest inching slowly up her torso, sliding against her athletics shirt. Not only that, Jiao's arms were much stronger now, certainly stronger than Marie's slender limbs, and she was still four inches shorter and still growing!

"I, uh, I'm...I'm here for you, Jiao..." Marie stammered, unsure of what to say. "And you do look, er, different..." she gulped.

Jiao giggled before giving another sensual moan. The alternate personality of Jiao was much more perceptive of her Friends internal feelings. However, that was one secret the normal Jiao would not learn from her alternate self, Jiao would have to discover that fact for herself. That did not mean that the alternate Jiao was above teasing her friend with her transformation. "mmhhh~ hold on tight Marie, this is the fun part..." she moaned again as the transformation proceeded into its penultimate stage.

The pace of growth accelerated all over. Jiao's breast's expanded to D cup size and were firmly supported her strong back muscles. Her back broadened and shoulders grew more defined. Her arms grew stronger and had developed muscles that normally belonged on a female bodybuilder. However muscular her body was becoming, Jiao's development did not look unnatural or out of place: she was becoming a sexy Amazonian woman, not some freakishly large hulk. As her top half developed, it was matched by the changes in her lower half. Jiao was now sporting six Pac abs and well built legs. All of her body’s development was in muscles and in her female curves, not a single pound of her body’s development was wasteful.

As her transformation reached the peak of pleasure, Jiao moaned and embraced Marie, letting her friend experience the changes up close. In one load moan, Jiao's pulled her head back, her hair changing from her normal spiky disorganized style to a sexy rightward part. Her height rocketed up from five foot eight to 6 feet tall, her breasts swelled up larger, becoming the size of honeydew melons. The growth caused rips to develop on her clothes but somehow they managed to stay on her to protect her modesty.

Marie was awestruck as Jiao developed past her. She did as she was instructed and held on tight, indeed. There were no words to describe the feeling of Jiao's chest swelling and pushing against her, huge and round and firm, free of the confines of her tiny bra. Her gym clothes popped and split over her huge new body, somehow managing to retain just enough to cover her modesty.

Jiao's moans reverberated through the mercifully empty bathroom, and as Jiao embraced Marie, the now smaller girl found her face pressed into her friend's neck.

As the physical changes began to slow down, the mental changes were now complete, as Jiao had matured to the age of 25 years old. As she gasped after experiencing the transformation, Jiao opened her eyes and gave Marie a subtle smile. "Hello Marie… what do you think of the new me?" Finally the transformation finished, and Marie was nearly limp in Jiao's arms. The slender, artistic Marie felt as brittle as porcelain in Jiao's strong grasp, like she could crush Marie to powder if she weren't careful. Marie offered her friend a smile, completely at a loss for words. And what words could there be for an event like this?

Jiao gently lifted Marie back on to her feet as they both got up. "mmmh... I guess I went a bit overboard. No, it is not that, i think it is the fact that i am not wearing a full bodied Chinese dress like last time." Jiao looked over her barely fitting attire and made sure not to cause any ripping. Jiao gave a sensual smile. "so.... any questions for me?"

Marie had to concentrate to get her thoughts together.

"All I can ask How, Ji? And are you still, you know, Jiao, my roommate?"

"More than anything...are you okay?"

Jiao chuckled at her friends awkwardness around her newly developed body, but she decided not to tease her friend...well.. Not too much...

"To answer your first question, this sounds strange but this body is a magical gift from my mother, who died when I was young but still wanted to take care of me. So... I guess my mom is looking after me in some way."

“As for the reason why I gained this body? I guess i have a lot of inner passions and desires, and this is the physical manifestation of those passions.”

"as for your second question... yes and no.” Jiao chuckled a bit but then proceeded to explain her cryptic answer “Yes, I am still Jiao your room mate, except I am older, 25 to be precise, and more mature, and several other differences..." as Jiao said this she flexed her biceps, putting them on display for Marie.

"And about your third question? I am feeling energized at the moment, although I may need some better fitting clothes." she chuckles

Marie ran her fingers through her short bob cut. It was a nervous habit she picked up - some people drummed their fingers, others but their nails, and Marie Beauchene stroked her hair. It was why she kept it short in the first place.

"I remember you telling me about your mother," Marie said, "when we first moved in. I'm still so sorry for your loss."

She adjusted herself as she leaned on the railing and asked the big question that was burning a hole in her - especially as she watched Jiao's muscles bulge.

"What, ah, kinds of passions and desires?" Marie asked.

Jiao smiled. "To be stronger in mind and body, to be more mature, and to be confident enough to stand up for myself. Also, to experience true love for the first time."

Jiao gave another flex of her muscles. "What do you think we should do now that I am in this situation."

Marie breathed out. She'd just noticed she had been holding it in as Jiao flexed her new muscles.

"Well, we're definitely in a predicament here," she said. "Considering it's still class time, and someone's bound to come in here looking for us sooner or later. And if they find me and some strange, hot new Amazon girl here...well, they're gonna wonder where Jiao went."

Jiao scratched her chin trying to think of a solution. "hmmm... that is a problem. I don't think that I can show myself in public like this" she gestures to herself. "What do you think we should do? I don't think I can change myself back on the spot, and I need time to change back...."

Jiao did not want to get Marie in trouble and she wanted to help her friend.

Marie laid a hand on Jiao's; it felt so soft and fragile in Jiao's palm. Her big, dark eyes looked up into Jiao's own. "What does it take for you to change back?" she asked.

Jiao tried to think... "hmmm... well I first transformed when I was trying to recover from being in the grip of a violent biker who was terrorizing my families restaurant. I changed this time due to overexerting myself while running on the track. I guess I changed due to stress, so I need to calm down and relax?" Jiao was unsure about what to do, but this was a sign that her normal mentality was returning to her.

Marie pondered the situation. "So does that mean you only stay like this as long as you keep your stress level up? And you change back once you calm down?"

Marie had to calm herself down before she tried to calm Jiao, so she steadied herself by taking a deep breath, and sliding her arm around Jiao's broad, muscled shoulders. She closed her eyes, knowing Jiao would sense something about her.

"No matter what, Jiao, before anything else...I'm your friend. I'll keep your secret."

Jiao smiled and gently embraced Marie. "Thank you Marie, you really are a true friend." Jiao did not want Marie to suffer because she had to keep Jiao's secret.

"do you want wait for me to relax back to normal, or should i do some feats of strength?" she winks.

Marie gulped. A light sweat broke out over her forehead just thinking about it. "Well, ah, perhaps," she stammered. "How are we gonna get you out of here? You can't just...knock a wall down, after all..."

Jiao thought about the situation. "hmm, I may be strong, but I don't think I can break a solidly constructed wall legally, and I am not that good at planning things out, you are better at planning things out Marie, you prove that every time on your art projects." Jiao meant what she said, she truly admired marie's skill at planning. Jiao would have been in trouble for sure if Marie had not helped her with that art project. "maybe we could make it to the rear exit of the gym?" Jiao suggested

Marie blushed. "Why thanks...but art comes really easy to me. It's something I really enjoy. We all have our talents...don't we, Ji?" she asked, delicately squeezing Jiao's huge shoulder, feeling rock-hard muscle under her perfect smooth skin. "Let me take a peek outside."

Marie had the grace of a ballerina to make up for her lack of physical strength and endurance. She seemed to glide silently out of the womens' restroom, sliding into the hallway to check if anyone was there. Luckily, the weight room was across the gym, and the locker rooms were the next stop. She snuck in and grabbed their gym bags out of the lockers (embarrassingly, she knew Jiao's locker combination), before hurrying back in to the bathroom.

"Okay Jii, the coast is clear. Let's go before someone sees you."

Jiao nodded as she grabbed her things. "Do we need speed or stealth for this? I could always run the whole way while carrying you but i think we should stay stealthy." Jiao smiled " I will follow your lead Marie."

"Neither," Marie smiled. "We need style."

Marie threw a towel around Jiao's neck, which hung down and camouflaged some of her torn clothing. It made it look more like she had just come from working out.

"Just move like you own the place. Be confident, be stylish. I'll get you back to the room."

Jiao followed Marie’s instructions to the letter. As she followed Marie, she walked with a purpose, confident in pose and giving off a aura of calm power. She moved as though nothing could bother and was relaxing after a exhausting day of working out.

She kept silent to maintain the illusion.

Jiao certainly attracted her share of attention, to be sure. Girls and boys alike gazed at her powerful body, although the boys' attention was more than taken up by her chest, easily the biggest on campus.

Marie shouldered her backpack and moved with a sense of detached purpose. Here, in the public's eye, she could feel calm. "All the world's a stage, babe," she said, ever the natural extrovert. Very little could really bother Marie Beauchene, which was why it took something extraordinary to do so.

Jiao was, after all, quite extraordinary.

At last they arrived at their dorm. "Head to the room and play it cool. Don't let anyone see you enter. I'm going shopping for a sec."

"ok hun." jiao nodded as she headed into the dorm, and their room.

Jiao made it back to her and marie's room, and after making sure the coast was clear, she headed inside and closed the door after her.

Marie came back after about fifteen minutes, holding a shopping bag and looking a little sweaty and tired. "Whew," she said, noticing just how much of the small room her friend was filling. "At least we have some clothes for you now. What have you been up to since I left?"
"We've got to keep a few sets of clothes for you when you transform, Jii," Marie replied, setting down the bag. "This is the best I could do on such short notice."

Inside were a couple of the biggest bras Marie could find, a couple of sets of panties, and a few outfits. One was a combination sports bra/yoga pants outfit, the next was a set of faded jeans and a tank top, and the last was a more modest turtleneck and long skirt.

"I could not," she said, "find you any shoes."

Jiao smiled "i will need to repay you for the clothes at some point." she decided to pick the tank top and jeans to wear, blushing slightly at the size of the bras. "i need to go to the bathroom to change." she said as she headed to the bathroom carrying the new clothes.

"Yeah," Marie replied. "Definitely go change."

As Jiao left, Marie climbed up to her top bunk and flopped down.

After Jiao got into the bathroom and closed the door, she stripped herself down and began dressing in the new clothes. "I can't believe they make bras this big..." Jiao blushed while putting on her new bra and underwear. The jeans and tank top fit snugly on her body, the tank top particularly fit snugly as it revealed her muscles.

After she finished dressing, she stepped out of the bathroom. "Marie, these clothes fit perfectly."

Marie rolled over in her bed and rested her chin on her folded arms, gazing over the edge of the bed at Jiao.

"My god, you're gorgeous," she mumbled. "I'm glad they fit...and they really flatter your figure."

"What do you plan to do now?"

"i don't know." Jiao said, sitting down at her chair near the computer. "I guess my transformation is not going to wear off by simply doing nothing... the first time i transformed it was because i needed to stop a rampaging biker." she said, referring to the event at the Green Dragon.

Marie smiles. "Well, you're pretty unrecognizable as your normal self, so you could go out and see what your new body could do."

"Although," she says, rolling back over on her bed, "if you're liable to transform back at any moment, that may not be a good idea. What about you try and find out what makes you change back, so you can predict it better in the future?"

"Well i could always try meditating." jiao suggested, figuring that it was worth a shot.

"i am going to try meditating." Jiao said as she sat cross-legged on the floor. She placed her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. She concentrated on centering herself.

Marie stared at the ceiling while Jiao meditated. Perhaps a little centering would be good for her, too, to be honest. She closed her eyes and tried to free her mind from the day's stresses.

As Jiao centered herself she felt her body go through subtle changes. Slowly but surely her body was shrinking and reverting back to its normal size. Her muscles receded back into her body; her breasts shrank down as though they were a pair of deflating balloons. Her hair became short and messy again.

After a minute or two, Jiao had reverted back to normal... except for some reason she was four foot eleven inches tall instead of four foot nine.

Marie's eyes opened as she heard the sound of shifting fabric from down below. She peered over the edge of the bunk bed, not wanting to disturb Jiao. The metamorphosis was incredible, watching Jiao's huge, powerful body recede back into the frail young form of her roommate, her clothing growing huge and baggy on her.

As the metamorphosis was finishing, Marie climbed down and sat down on the floor across from Jiao.  "Hey," she said, her voice soft. "How are you feeling?"
Jiao looked up at Marie and smiled. "I feel a lot better then I was when I was running cross country..." Jiao got up but grasped her loose and baggy clothes when they started falling down. "I guess I have to go change outfits again.” Jiao held onto her loose clothes and went to find another school outfit. Before she went into the bathroom, she turned to face her best friend.

"Marie I am sorry I did not tell you about all this before, but this was the second time that this happened to me, I don't know what people will think of me if they discovered that I could turn into a 6 foot tall Amazon."

Marie walked over to her friend and squeezed her tiny shoulder, which had moments before been a thick mass of smooth hard muscle.

"Don't worry, Jii," she said. "I've got your back."

Jiao blushed, happy and secure in the knowledge that she could count on her best friend to keep her secret

End of Chapter Three
Little Dragon part 3
At long last, Chapter 3 of Little dragon is up.

In this Chapter, Jiao's Secret is discovered by her Best friend Marie, A Character created by :iconamateurunleaded: who also helped me develop this chapter.

Jiao is my character

Marie is :iconamateurunleaded: character
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mark your calenders, persona 4 the animation is coming out with a English dubbed version on september 7th.

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september 7th Update: Episode 1 english dubbed came online today, but if you are looking for it you sadly have to sign up for this website

my impressions of the first episode with english dubs: still awesome show, but somthing seemed off with the voice actors, youske and Chies in particular, which gave me the impression that their voice actors were different then the ones from the game. Although on hearing the first trip to junes and the tv world scene again, i think chies and youskes english dubbed version is not bad, not perfectlyy like the games voice actors, but close enough

Narukamis voice actor though satisfied my expectations. but maybe i am not the best critic because i love the show no matter what. i will let the actual diehard fans be the judge.

September 8th update: After some searching, i was able to find the first 12 episodes of persona 4 the animation with english dubs on a website that actullly is free of charge. i don't know what deal they made but i am glad the did.

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Doing well
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Glad to hear. So may I ask what happened to the RP.
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I am still active, but a bit busy
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It's ok
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